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We welcome writers of all ages, levels and interests to join our online creative writing courses.

Whether you write for pleasure or profession, you’ll receive practical guidance, personalised feedback and writing tasks to hone your craft.

Upcoming Writing Courses

The Writing Quarter Gift Vouchers

Encourage your family or friends to write with a gift voucher. Purchase a voucher in any denomination and redeem it against any course or service.
Starts 31/12/2022

Writing For Children Course

This course will cover the basics of storytelling and the specific aspects of writing for children and young adults.
Starts 13/09/2022

Beginners Creative Writing Course

Our six-week course is suitable for complete beginners and no writing experience is required.
Starts 31/08/2022

Finish Your Novel Course with Kerry Hadley-Pryce

This course will provide you with the help and support you need to build your writing habit and complete your project.
Starts 31/08/2022

Welcome To The Writing Quarter

Our writing courses range from beginners to intermediate, specialising in short stories, novels, poetry, memoirs and more.

We work with award-winning tutors from a variety of backgrounds who want to share their knowledge and best practices with you. Through weekly writing tasks and written feedback, you’ll develop your writing skills, learn new tools and bring your ideas to life.

The flexibility of our online creative writing courses enables you to keep writing alongside full-time jobs, studies and everything else in between.

Explore our selection of writing courses here!

How It Works


One-to-one Feedback

Your tutor will provide personalised feedback throughout the writing courses.



Our online writing courses can be taken from anywhere in the world; all you need is internet access!

beginners creative writing course


Courses take place via email correspondence, so you can write whenever suits your schedule.

Writing Courses For All

We have developed our creative writing courses to suit every stage of a writer’s journey. To participate, all you need is a love of writing and building stories! Our tutors provide practical feedback and guidance to help you on your way.

If you’re looking to get started or returning to writing after some time away, our Beginners Creative Writing Course explores the foundations of storytelling.

Or perhaps you’ve got an idea ready to go, but don’t know where to start? Our Begin Your Novel Course will give you the confidence to put pen to paper.

For young writers who can’t stop scribbling stories, explore our Creative Writing Course for Children and Creative Writing Course for Teenagers.

There’s no linear path when it comes to getting ideas on the page, or getting your first story published! Our online writing courses put you on track for believable characters, compelling stories and a writing plan you can stick to.

The magic is in the process of it all and a willingness to learn. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your career and want to develop the fundamentals or looking to express your unique viewpoint of the world or sitting down to write the ‘Great Aussie Novel’, we have the creative writing course that will inspire you.

Our range of offerings aren’t just genre-based either. We love the journey of building foundational skills that may become applicable for the aspiring authors and publishers of the world.

For example, Path To Publication program run by Tyler Paterson is not so much about the content of your words, but in the general approach and actionable tools that seek to illuminate your work for editors and websites. Copywriters, aspiring journalists, and lovers of opinion columns rejoice!

If you’re seeking a way in which to develop your shorthand or simply to enter more short story contests, we have a specialised Short Story program penned by Kerry Hadley Pryce that delves into the ins and outs of telling tales succinctly and with a structure that allures readers.

Ready to Submit Your Story?

Alongside delivering creative writing courses online in Australia, we keep you updated on the latest writing competitions and opportunities worldwide.

Our list of Writing Competitions is updated weekly by our team. You’ll find a range of writing submissions to choose from, whatever your style, genre or preference!

Submitting your work can be daunting, but it’s an important part of every writer’s journey. You may find something that sparks a brand new idea.

Unsure Where to Start?

In the first instance, we recommend the Beginners Creative Writing Course if you have never completed an online writing course with feedback before. No writing experience is required, as you’ll learn how to produce ideas, create characters and start writing from scratch.

For any questions or queries about our online writing courses, visit our FAQ page to find out more.

You can also drop us a message at [email protected].