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  • Start Date: 18/08/2022
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: 299 AUD

Online Poetry Course with Jim Hall

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Online Poetry Course In Australia | The Writing Quarter

Our Online Poetry Course is suitable for all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced poet. We will explore what it is we want our poems, if anything, to ‘do’. We will interrogate what it is that matters to us, and how we can use that sense of value to leap into the page – writing poems on our terms, in our voices, that sing in many different notes.

Each module of the course is accompanied with writing assignments and detailed feedback from your tutor. The course will encourage possibility and experimentation by introducing a range of poetry, forms and celebrating the multitudes of thought and feeling that your poems may have to offer.

By the end of the six weeks, you’ll have a range of tools under your belt to start writing poetry, or write in new and exciting ways. Whatever experience of poetry you have, this online course will welcome you and could be the start of your very own collection of poems! Please note that this course is for adults.

Course Information
Price: $299
Start Date: 18th August 2022 – FULL

Our creative writing courses are in huge demand and are filling up very quickly, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

This online poetry course is an ideal way to explore the business of poetry under the guidance of a published poet.

You will be given weekly notes and assignments to help you. Your tutor will read every assignment and will provide written feedback.

Students will receive an email booking confirmation within 48 hours of payment. If you do not see this email, please check your Spam/Junk folder.

Outline of our Online Poetry Course

Week One: Writing Poems That Matter

We start with setting intentions for our poems, practice and process. We will examine the ‘why’ that carries us to the page.

What dreams and desires do we have for the poems we write? What do we want them, if anything, to ‘do’? What makes them matter, if only to ourselves? How can we embed a sense of creative urgency to write braver and bolder work, over the next six weeks?


Week Two: The ‘Long-Armed’ Poem – Letting Anything Belong

Next, you’ll explore examples of poems that roam and wander freely, welcoming various thoughts, feelings, and observations, rather than shutting them out.

We will reflect on the potential limitations we set ourselves by what we feel should ‘belong’ in a poem. Allow chaos to enter our first drafts, before deciding what we keep, and what we choose to cast off.


Week Three: Poems That (Like Us) Contain Multitudes

This week we will challenge the idea that a poem must sing in one note, and instead turn to Donald Hall’s belief that when it comes to poetry: ‘no conflict, no energy’.

We will explore the importance of empathy and nuance when writing our own personal experience, or the experiences of others. Finally, we’ll examine the impact of poems that hold vast emotional landscapes.


Week Four: Poems that Reimagine, Retell, and Make Possible

This week we look to the poets who use poetry to imagine a world different from this one. Who turn to the page to rewrite their own stories, reclaim a history.

We will investigate the power of erasure and blackout poetry: forms that enable you to take an experience, feeling, or an entire text, and transform it into something fresh, new, yours.


Week Five: On Finding the Form

For module five of our online poetry course, take a deep-dive into the many ways poetic form can both restrict and set free. Will you make a poem sing or stifle it?

We will explore how learning the rules, only to break them, can create delightful surprises for both writer and reader. You will also have the opportunity to devise your own, personalised form of poetry, based on elements that both excite and challenge you!


Week Six: What We Did, What We Will Do Next

In this session, we will look back on what we have achieved, however small or large.

You will have the chance to showcase a poem that you are proud of. We will set out clear goals and ideas that will support you to keep going, and growing, as a poet.

‘The neurotransmitters in my brain have been completely re-wired, given a good work
out, and fired it up with enthusiasm to create something good one day. All thanks to
You. I couldn’t have had a more, supportive, encouraging, ‘opener of many doors’ to
possibilities for the future than you, Jim. Thank you so much.’ – N

To find out more about how our online poetry writing course works, visit our FAQ page.
You can also email us at [email protected]
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About The Tutor

Jim is a writer, educator, and support worker. His published work includes: Upon Arrival, Drop Your Cool (2014), Boy (2015), and ELSEWHERE (forthcoming). He has served as writer-in-residence for various schools and University settings, in which he curated, edited and published anthologies of creative writing by new writers, many of whom had previously never put pen to paper. In 2019, he worked as a programme manager for UNESCO City of Literature, supporting writers of all ages and backgrounds to read and write for pleasure, running workshops and writing groups for adults and young people to develop their creative confidence. Jim firmly believes in ‘leaving out no-one’ when it comes to accessing creativity, and that everyone has a story to tell. He cannot wait to hear yours.

Course Details

  • Start Date: 18/08/2022
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: 299 AUD

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