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How To Get Your Writing Noticed

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How To Get Your Writing Noticed | The Writing Quarter


So, you love to write, but you’re not sure how to get your writing noticed?

Maybe you are new to the game. Maybe you are a seasoned scrawler.

The one thing for certain is that you are ready to have your writing noticed by others. You want to attract readers and, hopefully, a following of some sort. However, it can be pretty tricky getting your feet off the ground.

The fact that you are looking for answers is a good start. Continue reading for our top tips on how to build your presence as a creative writer.

Become Social Media Savvy

Yes, it may seem obvious and, no, it’s not to everybody’s delight, but having a consistent social media presence can do wonders for your writing career.

Social media allows us to keep up to date with the writing world, keep an eye on publishing trends and learn about new writing talent. They say knowledge is power and interacting with other writers and publications will begin to get you noticed in the industry.

As you gain more followers, you will surely receive more interest in your work.

We find that Twitter is a good place to start. You can follow hashtags such as #amwriting and #writingcommunity and get a feel for how you might utilise them in the best way for you.

Instagram, though more visual, is still a great place to share your love for books and writing, with hashtags such as #bookstagram and #writersofinstagram. Plus, you can get super creative with your posts!

Create a Blog

Writing a blog is not as daunting as it sounds – we promise!

They’re super easy, and often free, to set up. You can use sites like WordPress or Wix to get started, as they have step-by-step guides to help you. Great news for beginners.

You can choose to write about anything that interests you. Chances are there are people (probably more than you think) who are interested in those things, too, and would love to read your insights.

Blogging and social media tend to go hand in hand, so you can use one to promote the other and watch your follower count go up.

Join a Local Writing/Reading Group

Another great way to get your writing noticed is to join a local reading or writing group, where you’ll meet other writers and artists in your area.

You can obtain new ideas for your writing, share your work with each other and make lots of friends! Networking is vital to building your presence as a creative. The more involved you get with the writing community the more people will begin noticing your work.

More often than not, local groups will also put on events – or know of other groups that do. Open mic nights, book readings and write nights are fantastic methods of increasing exposure.

If in-person events and groups aren’t really your thing, or not available to you right now, there are also tons of online writing communities to join. Take a look at Meetup.com or simply search on Facebook. There really is something for everyone.

Enter Writing Competitions

Competitions are a fun method of building your presence as a creative writer, as you will expose your work to those who are already in the industry.

There are hundreds of competitions open for entries at the moment – and many with no entry fee! Whether you write poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction or memoir, there is certainly a competition out there that’s looking for entries just like yours.

At The Writing Quarter, we regularly update our website with new writing competitions suitable for all ages and abilities. Take a browse on our competitions page to find one for you.

If you win or are highly commended for a competition, it is likely that your writing will be published on the competition host’s site, social media or in an anthology. Not only will this be fantastic exposure for you as a writer, it will also look great in your portfolio/CV.

So, even though entering competitions may feel daunting at first, it’s totally worth getting over the fear. There’s nothing to lose – especially if they’re free!

Take a Writing Course

Online writing courses are an ideal way to improve your skills, build your confidence and get your writing noticed.

The Writing Quarter offers online creative writing courses in Australia that are suitable for pretty much any age, skill set and type of writer. You’ll receive expert support and guidance from a tutor, who has buckets of experience in the industry. Your writing will improve week by week.

Not only that, but our tutors can give you advice on where to start when trying to get your writing noticed – after all, they were also in your position once upon a time.

The best thing about our online courses is that they are completely flexible to any schedule. Based solely online, you only need access to your emails and an internet connection to participate.

We normally recommend our Beginners Creative Writing Course to start with, but we also offer a Short Story Writing Course, a Poetry Course and an Advanced Writing Course – to name but a few!


We hope this article provided you with some useful tips on how to get your writing noticed. Just remember that no matter what else you do, just keep writing!

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