Top Ten Benefits of Taking a Creative Writing Course

Top Ten Benefits of Taking a Creative Writing Course

Matthew Gurteen

Creative writing is a skill, and, like any talent, it is constantly growing. One of the fastest ways to grow your creative writing experience, however, is to take an online or in-person course. Taking a creative writing course can have several benefits to your work, whether it is a passion or a career. In this article, we will give you our top ten benefits of taking a creative writing course to consider if you are considering enrolling.

1. You’ll get help from experts and people who know the industry

Almost all creative writing teachers have experience with the publishing industry, whether as authors, editors, or marketers. Taking a creative writing course will give you direct access to these professionals, allowing you to ask questions. The publishing world is a notoriously difficult one to get into and navigate. Knowing its secrets beforehand, however, will prepare you for when you eventually come to publish your work.

2. It broadens your vocabulary

Taking a creative writing course will give you the space to research your work and read others. Doing so will undoubtedly improve your vocabulary, making you a more fantastic writer overall. A broad vocabulary is an essential trait of any writer. Broadening your vocabulary through a creative writing course will make you better at creating characters, settings, and complex plots for your readers to enjoy.

3. It inspires you to create more

A creative writing course will also fill you with the desire to make more. Being around like-minded people who are also creating is incredibly inspiring. If you are struggling to find the idea for your next novel, or are just stuck with writing in general, maybe a creative writing course is what you need. Seeing the great work that others are creating will inspire you to make your own!

4. It gives you a space to share your work

Similarly, creative writing courses give you the space to be around other people. This space allows you to share your work and develop it through others’ feedback and support. Sharing your work is crucial for any writer to grow. It takes confidence to put your work out there, but you will see the benefits if you do.

5. It will challenge you to write in different forms and genres

Creative writing courses can also be a great place to experiment and improve your craft with different styles. Maybe you have never considered yourself a poet. In that case, taking a poetry creative writing course will build your skill and confidence and improve your writing. All forms and genres of writing are linked in some way. Experimenting with different styles through a creative writing course will challenge your skill and encourage your development. Maybe you’ll also find a passion for a form or genre you have never been interested in!

6. It will improve your other skills

Creative writing is not an isolated talent. Taking a course to improve your writing will also develop your other skills. It takes attention to detail, for example, to edit a piece of work. You must also be organised to complete all your creative writing on time. These are just two examples of skills that creative writing courses also encourage. Others may include confidence through sharing your work, critical thinking, through analysing other work, and written and verbal communication skills.

7. It will improve your employability and make you more publishable

By improving your skills in this way, creative writing courses will make you more employable in the future. Creative writing courses are great for your CV, as you can showcase various skills. They also, through the expert knowledge they provide, show publishers that you are familiar with the industry and willing to devote time to develop yourself and your work.

8. It’s a great chance to network

The people you meet in creative writing courses are not only your fellow students. Instead, they are writers just like you who may be able to aid your writing even when the course has ended. A creative writing course is a great way to meet new people and gain contacts in the industry. These contacts will make publishing easier when you reach that stage and, more importantly, give you much-needed support for your creativity.

9. It gives you a space to research

Finding the time and space to write can be frustrating for many writers, whether they are just beginning or professional. Taking a creative writing course, however, will give you that time and space, or, at the very least, it will give you deadlines that must be met. An end goal, such as that which a creative writing course provides, could be exactly what you need to finish your next novel, short story, or poem.

10. You’re pursuing what you love!

Ultimately, if you are considering taking a creative writing course and have made it to the end of this article, you must be incredibly passionate about writing and improving your work. If nothing else, you should take a creative writing course because you love it. Your work does not have to be published for you to be successful. Sometimes, just following what you are passionate about is enough.

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