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Joseph Nuttall is an award winning poet, writer and lyricist. He is a poetry graduate from University of Tasmania, and was previously the group coordinator for emerging writers’ group Twitch, auspiced by the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre, and the winner of both the Stonnington Poetry Prize in 2021 and the International Songwriting Competition in 2015.

His work has been published in the Review of Australian Fiction, Verity LA, Monstrous Appetites, A Fine Line and Tincture Magazine. He is currently putting the finishing touches to an upcoming collection of poetry, due in 2023.

Start Date: 2nd July, 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: $299
3 places remaining

Course Outline

Are you wondering how to take your poetry to the next level? Maybe you want to know how to
write like published poets or practice writing complex forms. If so, the Advanced Poetry Course is
for you! This course is designed for those who already have experience with writing or who have
taken any of our previous classes. Over six weeks, you will learn how to improve your creative
writing through engaging activities, assignments, and expert advice from professionals.

Lesson 1: Honing Your Voice
The first lesson teaches you how to hone your poetic voice. You will learn to incorporate dialect
into your poetry and experiment with form and subject.

Lesson 2: Prose Poetry
The second lesson teaches you how to write prose poetry. You will learn how to include dialogue
in your poems and what themes to include in prose poetry.

Lesson 3: Developing Your Senses
The third lesson teaches you how to write using your senses. This does not only mean sight, sound,
touch, taste, and smell. Instead, you will learn about other types of senses and how to create
engaging sensory imagery for your readers to love.

Lesson 4: Writing Humour
The fourth lesson teaches you how to add humour to your poetry. You will learn how to write
poetic dialogue and how to write metafictional poetry.

Lesson 5: Creating a Collection
The fifth lesson teaches you how to create a poetry collection. You will learn how to organise and
edit your poetry for publication and where to receive feedback on your poems.

Lesson 6: Publishing Your Poetry
The final lesson shows you how you can publish your poetry. You will learn how to create a
poetic manuscript and how to self-publish.

Start Date

2nd July


6 Weeks




Joseph Nuttall