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TUTOR: Helen Moorhouse is the author of five novels ‘The Dead Summer, ‘The Dark Water’, ‘Sing Me To Sleep’, ‘Ever This Day’ and ‘The Gallery of Stolen Souls’ published by Poolbeg Press. A lover of stories, particularly the paranormal, her writing was featured in two anthologies – ‘All I Want For Christmas’ (2012) and ‘If I Was A Child Again’ (2013), and her short story ‘The Night Nurse’ was commissioned as the 2018 RTE Radio 1 Book Show Christmas ghost story.

A DIT journalism graduate, she has extensive copywriting experience across many areas – commercial radio advertising and branding, corporate video, speechwriting and speech consultancy, long and short form articles and more. Helen was an op-ed contributor to the Irish Independent 2012-2014, and has published articles and stories across many Irish newspapers and magazines.

Start Date: 18th June, 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Fee: $299
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Embark on Your Novel Writing Adventure: Enrol in Our 6-Week Online Course

Prepare to kindle your love for novel writing with our comprehensive 6-week online writing course. Crafted to inspire and support budding authors, this program offers personalised mentorship, weekly tasks, and adaptable learning modules. Whether you’re new to writing or seeking fresh creative sparks, our course is tailor-made for you. Secure your spot early, as demand for our courses is high!

Course Highlights:

  • A 6-week curriculum featuring weekly modules, designed for completion in just 2-3 hours per week.
  • Enjoy the freedom to access new lessons at your convenience, with no fixed class times.
  • Receive individualised feedback from dedicated tutors, available to students worldwide.
  • Gain lifetime access to course materials for ongoing learning.

How It Works:

Upon enrolment, you’ll receive a course commencement email from your tutor on the start date, containing the first module. Remember to check your Spam/Junk folder for this important message. Each week, submit your assignments for personalised feedback from your online tutor, ensuring steady progress and guidance throughout your journey.

What You’ll Learn:

Our ‘Begin Your Novel’ course empowers you with the skills and direction to refine your novel concept, characters, themes, and storyline. Through weekly writing tasks, insights, and recommended readings, we’ll lead you through a six-week odyssey that will elevate both your writing and your characters. Here’s an overview of what each week entails:

Week One: Thinking Like a Novelist

Kickstart your novel journey by honing in on your concept and committing to action. Explore the essentials of ‘thinking like a novelist’ and lay the groundwork for your writing endeavour.

Week Two: Plotting Your Plot

Dive into the intricacies of plot development, pacing, and narrative momentum. Craft a preliminary outline to map out your storyline and plot progression.

Week Three: Character Creation

Master the art of character creation and learn what captivates readers. Delve into the distinctions between character-driven and plot-driven narratives to enrich your storytelling.

Week Four: Finding your voice, taking chances and flexible thinking

Experiment with narrative voice and structure to infuse your story with depth and authenticity. Embrace flexibility as you explore different perspectives to find the perfect fit for your narrative.

Week Five: Mapping

Refine your novel’s structure by mapping out key scenes and timelines. Develop a comprehensive framework to ensure cohesion and coherence throughout your narrative.

Week Six: Get a grip and move on

Take charge of your novel with confidence as you prepare a detailed chapter plan. Harness your newfound voice and vision to propel your story forward with clarity and purpose.

Begin Your Novel Writing Journey Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sharpen your writing skills and bring your novel to life with the guidance of seasoned tutors. With limited spots available, early registration is strongly encouraged. Enrol now and embark on your thrilling adventure into the realm of novel writing!

Start Date

18th June


6 Weeks




Helen Moorhouse