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Jessica Miller is a children’s writer from Brisbane. Her first novel, Elizabeth and Zenobia, was shortlisted for the Text Prize and the Readings Prize and was a CBCA Notable Book, as was her second book, The Republic of Birds. Her third novel, The Hotel Witch will be released in February 2023. She has taught creative writing for adults and children in Brisbane, Berlin, and London.

Start Date: 7th May, 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: $299
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Unleash Your Creative Potential: The Ultimate 6-Week Online Creative Writing Course for Beginners

Are you ready to embark on your creative writing journey? Our 6-week online creative writing course is tailor-made for beginners eager to delve into the world of storytelling, character development, and captivating prose. Due to the high demand, we encourage early registration to secure your spot in this transformative experience.

Perfect for Aspiring Writers Worldwide

This beginner’s course is not limited to Australia; it serves as the ideal starting point for writers beginning their growth journey from anywhere in the world.

Expert Guidance and Personalized Feedback

Our experienced tutors are committed to nurturing your growth as a writer. Upon enrolling in the course, a dedicated professional tutor will provide personalized feedback on your work throughout the six weeks. These one-on-one interactions will enhance your writing skills and bolster your confidence as an aspiring writer.

Flexibility Tailored to Your Schedule

We understand that life can be hectic, which is why our course is designed with your schedule in mind. With no fixed class times, you can progress through the weekly modules at your own convenience. We recommend dedicating 2-3 hours per week to make the most of the course content and assignments.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Each week, a new module will be unveiled, covering vital aspects of creative writing. By the end of the course, you’ll possess a solid foundation in creative writing, along with your own original work to showcase your newfound skills.

Exploring Our Course Modules

Week One – Start Where?

Getting started is often the hardest part. The greatest idea of all-time pops into your head, only for a blank page to glare back. This week, we will ease that pressure by setting ourselves meaningful writing goals, making the act of starting to write feel less scary, and more possible.

Week Two – Inspiration Is Everywhere

A cat sniffing your bowl of cereal. The unexpected text message from an old friend. This week we will use what is around us to help generate and develop our writing ideas, learning how anything can find its way into a story.

Week Three – Characters That Come Alive on The Page

More than interesting description and dialogue, this week we explore the idea of a complex character, narrator, or speaker of a story, and what tips and tricks can be used to create a character that both you and your reader can truly invest in.

Week Four – If in Doubt, Describe

This week we will look at how description can both set and turn a scene on its head. Using everything from carefully placed sensory details, to zooming in and out of the action unfolding, it’s time to let your writing truly leap off the page.

Week Five – Structure, Structure, Structure

This week we lay out what is happening, when, and where. We will explore how learning the rules, only to break them, can work powerfully when it comes to the structure of a story, and how unexpected twists and turns can surprise both writer and reader.

Week Six – What We Did, What We Will Do Next

In this week, we reflect on what we have achieved (no matter how seemingly small), before looking ahead to the steps we might take to continue writing – be that the ongoing revision of a current story or carving out space in your daily life to keep going, and growing, as a writer.

Embark on Your Creative Odyssey Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your creative potential and take the first step toward becoming a skilled writer. Register now for our 6-week online beginner’s creative writing course and commence your journey toward mastering the art of storytelling.

Start Date

7th May


6 Weeks




Jessica Miller