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Abby Connolly is a writer based in Dublin. Her short stories, flash fiction pieces, and creative non-fiction have been included in magazines such as Sonder, The Attic, Púca, Porridge, and the An Áitiúil anthology. In 2023, she won the Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair and was a Young Writer Delegate in 2021 for the Dublin Book Festival.

Start Date: 6th June, 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Fee: $299
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Course Outline

Are you intrigued by the art of crafting flash fiction but unsure where to start?

If you have a narrative itching to be told but find yourself grappling with the initial steps, the Writing Flash Fiction Course is tailored just for you. Spanning six weeks, this course equips you with the essential skills to craft your own flash fiction, navigating through its diverse styles and structures while mastering the art of succinctly portraying characters and settings. Regardless of your preferred genre, this course provides a foundational journey into the realm of flash fiction writing.

Lesson 1: What is Flash Fiction?

In the inaugural week, delve into the essence of flash fiction as a literary form. Explore the thematic elements crucial to effective flash fiction and discover the starting point for your own creative journey.

Lesson 2: Plotting Flash Fiction

Week two is dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of plotting in flash fiction. Learn to meticulously devise the skeleton of your narrative, cultivating tension and intrigue within the confined space of your story.

Lesson 3: Characters in Flash Fiction

In the third week, focus shifts to the art of character portrayal in flash fiction. Master the technique of imbuing your characters with depth and motivation while crafting dialogue that resonates within the brevity of your narrative.

Lesson 4: Setting in Flash Fiction

Week four delves into the realm of setting creation. Discover the importance of thorough research in sculpting vivid and immersive settings, employing sensory imagery to transport your readers into the world of your story.

Lesson 5: Experimenting with Genre

The penultimate week invites you to experiment with the boundaries of genre in flash fiction. Learn to seamlessly blend disparate genres and forms, forging narratives that defy convention and captivate your audience.

Lesson 6: Editing and Publishing Flash Fiction

Concluding the course is a focus on the crucial stages of editing and publishing your flash fiction. Gain invaluable insights into the editing process, honing your work to perfection and preparing it for the journey to publication.

Start Date

6th June


6 Weeks




Abby Connolly