Intermediate Creative Writing Course

With Eileen Casey. Starting 28/10/2020

Start Date: 28th October 2020

The online intermediate creative writing course will guide the participant towards producing a strong body of writing based around relevant exercises and prompts. Each module will contain notes and suggested reading. Your tutor will read each exercise and you’ll receive weekly written feedback from your tutor.

Week One: As it was in the Beginning
For those who have undergone a lapse or who need to freshen up existing writing practice, the first module discusses the importance of shoring up material for that all important writing arsenal. Where and how to discover new sources culminates in a writing exercise which draws these elements together and allows the course participant to take stock.

Week Two: Time and Motion
This module discusses the concept of time in terms of using specific timelines within the short story or novel. How to use transitions from one scene to another effectively determines whether or not the reader has an authentic sense of the passage of time.

Week Three: Mapping
Finding a container for story can often result in a beginning, ‘muddle’ and end type structure. This module offers an enjoyable method of overcoming the initial difficulties when structuring a story. Literally mapping the narrative from start to finish, focusing on the possibilities of place, atmosphere and mood results in stories that have geographical as well as emotional depth.

Week Four: Flash Fiction
Engaging with Flash Fiction is a powerful way of heightening fictional recognition and making sure the writer is not left with the feeling; ‘there’s a story in there somewhere, if only I could find it.’

Week Five: The Sensual Writer
The Sensual Writer aims to activate all five senses and to introduce the notion of synaesthesia whereby the senses interact in fresh and original ways.

Week Six: Figurative Language
This module explores both the beauty of ‘plain’ language and its disadvantages. Using vibrant imagery/descriptive language eliminates ‘lazy’ writing and challenges the need to be inventive. This module will take the work to new levels as it explores, not only figurative language, but also the possibilities for creating ‘voice’ through a range of language possibilities.

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About The Tutor

Eileen Casey is a poet, fiction writer and journalist and holds an M.Phil in Creative Writing. Her work is widely published in outlets such as The Moth, Verbal Arts Magazine, County Lines: Portrait of a County (New Island); The Ulster Tatler, Ice (Pighog Press, UK), The Irish Times, The Jelly Bucket (USA), The Coffee House (UK), among others. Recent awards include a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship and a Hennessy Literary Award (Emerging Fiction). She also won the The Francis Ledwidge Award, The Moore Medallion and The Oliver Goldsmith International Poetry Prize. Her debut poetry collection ‘Drinking the Colour Blue’ (New Island) was published in 2008.‘Snow Shoes’ (Arlen House), a debut collection of short stories was published in 2012 and in 2014, Eileen’s collection of memoir essays ‘A Fascination with Fabric,’ was published (Arlen House). She was a visiting writer on the 2011 Eastern Kentucky University Winter Residency, in Lexington, Kentucky.


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Course Details

  • Start Date: 28/10/2020
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: 270 AUD