Intermediate Creative Writing Course

With Tyler Paterson. Starting 27/10/2021

Start Date: October 27th – 2 places remaining

You don’t have to be online at any particular time or day. Instead, the course is carried out through email correspondence, so you can read the notes whenever it suits you. There will be weekly notes and assignments over the course of six weeks. Your tutor will read each assignment and provide written feedback. You’ll find out more about how the online courses work here.

Students will receive an email booking confirmation within 48 hours of payment. If you do not see this email, please check your Spam/Junk folder.

Note that this is a course for adults.

The online intermediate creative writing course will allow participants to explore specific writing techniques which help build a bridge between the beginner and the more experienced writer. The creative impulse is very much an element of this journey, it helps to maintain a healthy imaginative register. Each module will guide the participant towards producing a strong body of writing based around relevant exercises and prompts. Your tutor will also provide written feedback on those exercises.

Week One – Flash Fiction

This week, we’ll focus on how to tell a complete story in 1,000 words or less that hinges on an important moment of truth.

Week Two – 10 Years Later

Stories are non-linear, especially with the advent of prequels and sequels. We’ll look at ways to unpack a story so that everything that comes before and after can be mined for new, rich stories that work in harmony with the source material.

Week Three – Style/Genre

This week looks at diving into the different styles and genres of fiction and challenges the students to write outside of their stylistic comfort zone.

Week Four – Point of View

The way that a character interacts with their world inside the story is (and should be) very telling. It’s also very specific. This week looks at creative approaches to a character’s Point of View.

Week Five – A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

As writers, we constantly pull inspiration from the world around us. But how do we capture a feeling? A thought? A dream? This week focuses on using a visual prompt to inspire original stories.

Week Six – I Can Do It Better

With a deep understanding of how stories function, we dive into established works that left us wanting perhaps a bit more. This week, you get the chance to outline and rework an existing story/movie/TV show to give it either a more satisfying finale, or a chance for a sequel.

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About The Tutor

Tyler Paterson is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of New Hampshire, and is a graduate of Second City Chicago. His work has appeared in over 90 publications worldwide including The Saturday Evening Post, The Forge Literary Magazine, The Dalhousie Review, Brilliant Flash Fiction, and Fresh Ink. A semi-finalist in the Aura Estra short story contest, his work has also received notable accolades from Lycan Valley, North 2 South Press, and Lumberloft. He spends most nights yelling for his cat to "Get down from there!" Visit his website at Tyler has led writing classes for people of all ages from University students, to local communities, to remote learners. His goal is to build the confidence in writers, give them the tools to build the stories they yearn to tell, and support them along their journey. A number of past students have gone on to get their work published.


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Course Details

  • Start Date: 27/10/2021
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Price: 270 AUD