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Aylish is a creative writing graduate from Macquarie University and is currently undertaking her Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Sydney. Aylish works at The Writers’ Studio and The Writing Quarter as a creative writing tutor online. Aylish is a writer of fantasy fiction, but loves to experiment across all genres and forms. Her short stories and articles have been published in Mythrill Fiction, The Quarry, Grapeshot, and she was the second-place winner for Honi Soit’s 2021 Writing Competition ‘Destination,’ as well as a shortlisted writer for the USU Creative Awards. She loves cats, herbal tea, and all things weird and British.

Start Date: 4th June, 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: $299
3 places remaining

Step into the World of Intermediate Creative Writing: Unleash Your Storytelling Potential

Are you prepared to elevate your creative writing abilities to new heights? Our online Intermediate Creative Writing Course is tailor-made for writers who possess prior experience or have successfully completed our Beginner’s Writing Course, enabling them to further refine their craft.

Personalized Guidance from Committed Instructors

Our skilled mentors, located in Australia, eagerly await the opportunity to provide you with individualized feedback once a week. By submitting your work for assessment, you’ll receive priceless insights and expert guidance to enhance your writing.

Global Accessibility & Enduring Course Materials

Our courses are open to aspiring writers from all corners of the world. Moreover, you’ll enjoy lifelong access to all course materials even after the course’s conclusion, allowing you to revisit lessons whenever you need a refresher.

High Demand & Early Enrollment

Due to the tremendous demand for our Intermediate Creative Writing Course, we strongly encourage early enrollment to secure your spot. Seize this opportunity to refine your writing skills and unlock your storytelling potential.

Course Overview

This six-week online course offers a stimulating and adaptable learning experience, thoughtfully designed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules. With no fixed class hours, you can navigate through weekly text-based modules at your own pace, dedicating 2-3 hours each week to enrich your writing abilities.

Each week, you’ll immerse yourself in fresh topics, delving into more intricate forms of creative writing. Engaging exercises will serve as your tools for enhancing your fiction writing and expanding your storytelling repertoire.

What to Expect Each Week

Lesson 1: Your Writing Journey

The first lesson picks up from what you know so far. Whether you are previously published or completed one of our beginner courses, it shows you how to write about more complex themes and start getting into the publishing industry.

Lesson 2: Points of View

This lesson shows you how to write a multi-perspective narrative. With more than one compelling character, readers can often engage more deeply with narratives with more than one point of view. This lesson teaches you core techniques such as repetition and juxtaposition.

Lesson 3: Non-Linear Narratives

Not every story moves from A to B directly. Some narratives, like time travel and life writing, have a non-linear style. This lesson shows you how to write a story out of order with expert advice and activities.

Lesson 4: Show, Don’t Tell

Building on the golden rule of storytelling, this lesson shows you how to effectively use symbolism and metaphor in your writing to impact your reader.

Lesson 5: Rewriting

This lesson shows you how to write an adaptation or parody. Whether you are trying to improve a previous story or make your reader laugh, this lesson shows you to reinterpret any genre for maximum effect.

Lesson 6: Flash Fiction

The final lesson teaches you how to write flash fiction. A growing literary form, flash fiction is often complex to write. It is often published, however. This lesson will show you how to edit your work so publishers love it.

Come Join Us

Embark on this creative journey and uncover the writer within. Register now for our Intermediate Creative Writing Course, and set your imagination free to soar!

Start Date

4th June


6 weeks




Aylish Dowsett