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TUTOR: Helen Moorhouse is the author of five novels ‘The Dead Summer, ‘The Dark Water’, ‘Sing Me To Sleep’, ‘Ever This Day’ and ‘The Gallery of Stolen Souls’ published by Poolbeg Press. A lover of stories, particularly the paranormal, her writing was featured in two anthologies – ‘All I Want For Christmas’ (2012) and ‘If I Was A Child Again’ (2013), and her short story ‘The Night Nurse’ was commissioned as the 2018 RTE Radio 1 Book Show Christmas ghost story.

A DIT journalism graduate, she has extensive copywriting experience across many areas – commercial radio advertising and branding, corporate video, speechwriting and speech consultancy, long and short form articles and more. Helen was an op-ed contributor to the Irish Independent 2012-2014, and has published articles and stories across many Irish newspapers and magazines.

Start Date: 18th June, 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Fee: $299
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Enrol in Our Online Horror Fiction Writing Course: Unleash Your Macabre Creativity

Plunge into the depths of terror and dread with our Online Horror Fiction Writing Course, a thrilling six-week odyssey into the heart of the horror genre. This course lays the groundwork for crafting spine-chilling tales, offering engaging exercises and the opportunity to develop your own haunting works of fiction.

Expert Instructors with Global Accessibility

Fear not, as our Creative Writing Ink courses welcome students from around the globe, regardless of your location. Learn from industry experts no matter where you reside. Each week, you’ll submit written assignments for assessment by your dedicated online tutor, receiving personalised feedback to help you stay focused and monitor your progress throughout the course.

Lifetime Access to Course Materials

Even after the course concludes, you’ll retain lifelong access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit lessons at your leisure or refresh your understanding of specific topics.

Limited Availability: Enrol Today

With high demand for our courses, early enrolment is recommended to secure your place and avoid disappointment.

Weekly Course Structure

Once the course begins, you’ll receive an email from your tutor containing the first module (be sure to check your SPAM folder). The course consists of weekly modules, each delving into a crucial aspect of the horror genre. We suggest dedicating 2-3 hours per week to the course, progressing through text lessons at your own pace. The absence of fixed class times enables you to tailor your learning to your schedule.

Here’s a glimpse of the weekly themes:

Week One – Basics of Horror Fiction

Week one introduces participants to the foundational elements of the genre. From exploring various types of fear to conveying emotion in your writing, the initial lesson covers the basics of horror fiction. You’ll also begin outlining your own horror fiction project.

Week Two – Villains and Monsters

Week two delves into the creation of compelling villains in horror fiction. Participants will learn to craft their own monstrous beings through expert guidance.

Week Three – Heroes and Victims

In week three, we explore the development of heroes and victims in horror fiction. Participants will learn to create nuanced characters for their stories and engage in character design exercises.

Week Four – Settings

Week four investigates the importance of setting in horror fiction. Participants will learn to craft immersive environments for their stories and engage in setting design activities.

Week Five – Creating Horror

The fifth lesson offers detailed guidance on instilling dread in fiction. We’ll examine the techniques authors use to create moments of terror, followed by the opportunity to begin crafting your own horror fiction piece.

Week Six – Pitfalls of Horror Fiction

The final lesson highlights potential pitfalls for novice horror fiction writers, providing insights to help you refine your writing. You’ll also have the chance to finalise and edit your own horror fiction piece.

Join Us

Embrace the darkness and refine your horror fiction writing skills. Over six weeks, you’ll delve into the essentials of the genre, participate in various exercises, and ultimately craft your very own piece of horror fiction. Enrol today and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of horror fiction writing!

Start Date

18th June


6 Weeks




Helen Moorhouse