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Ben Pienaar was born in South Africa and emigrated to Australia in 1999, where he pursued his dream of writing horror fiction.

Since then he has published a number of short stories in various anthologies including Dark Moon Digest (PPM Publishing), Best Hardcore Horror (Red Room Press) and others. In addition, his debut novel ‘Holly and the Nobodies’ won the Aurealis Award for ‘Best Horror Novel 2021’.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Melbourne and spends his spare time surfing, playing chess and training martial arts.

Start Date: 9th January 2024
Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: $299
Places Remaining: 2

Enroll in Our Online Horror Fiction Writing Course

Step into the world of terror and darkness with our Online Horror Fiction Writing Course. This six-week course will guide you through the essentials of the horror genre, providing various exercises and the opportunity to create your very own piece of horror fiction.

Expert Instructors and Worldwide Access

Don’t be afraid; The Writing Quarter courses are open to students worldwide, regardless of where you are. Our expert instructors are here to help you, no matter your location. Each week, you’ll complete a written assignment that will be evaluated by your dedicated online tutor, providing you with personalized feedback to keep you on track and monitor your progress throughout the course.

Lifetime Access to Course Materials

Even after the course ends, you’ll retain access to the course materials for a lifetime. This means you can refer back to the lessons whenever you need a quick refresher or want to revisit a particular topic.

Limited Spots: Enroll Today

Due to high demand, we encourage early registration to secure your place in the course and ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

What to Expect Week by Week

Once the course begins, you’ll receive an email from your tutor containing the first module (don’t forget to check your SPAM folder). The course is structured around weekly modules, each focusing on a key aspect of the horror genre. You’re expected to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to the course, working through text lessons at your own pace. The flexibility of our course means there are no set class times.

The weekly topics will flow as follows:

Lesson 1: Starting a Horror Novel
This first lesson shows you how to begin a work of horror fiction. It features advice on critical literary techniques such as tone, juxtaposition, and themes.

Lesson 2: Horror Antagonists
This lesson shows you how to create a monster in horror fiction. Villains are central to the genre. This lesson shows how to create engaging, readable villains through self-conscious narratives and personification.

Lesson 3: Horror Protagonists
The third lesson shows you how to create a hero or victim in horror fiction. Building on the previous lesson, it shows you how to indirectly approach a believable character to evoke sympathy in your readers.

Lesson 4: Horror Settings
Week 4 shows you how to create a setting in horror fiction. It teaches you how to write frightening places through symbolism, personification, and other narrative techniques.

Lesson 5: Crafting Suspense
This lesson shows you how to create tension in your horror narratives. Through advice on different types of fear and humour, it teaches you how to keep your reader hooked.

Lesson 6: Mistakes in Horror Fiction
The final lesson walks you through the mistakes to avoid in the genre, such as excessive violence and common tropes and cliches. It also shows you how to effectively edit your work for publication.

Join Us

Embrace the darkness and refine your horror fiction writing skills. Over six weeks, you’ll delve into the essentials of the genre, participate in various exercises, and ultimately create your very own piece of horror fiction. Enroll today and embark on an exciting journey into the world of horror fiction writing!

Start Date

9th January


6 Weeks




Ben Pienaar